Cinder reunited with family after
3 years!!! (6/15/06)
Cinder was found in MA
after being stolen from
his yard in New York 3
years ago.  The main clue
identifying Cinder was
the distinctive large blue
mark on his tongue...his
owners were notified and
they happily confirmed
this was their long lost
Cinder! Cinder is now
back in NY happily living
with his family and new
canine brother Sam!
Cinder Update
Earlier this year, Cinder
found himself homeless
again.  His family had to
move and could no
longer keep him.

Cinder has found his way
back to MA and is
currently living in his new
(and last!) home with the
rescuer who found and
reunited him with his
owners in 2006.

Cinder is now 12 years
old and enjoys playing
with his new keeshond
brothers and sisters,
lounging on the sofa and
getting plenty of love and
attention (and treats!) in
his new forever home.
Cinder - Final Update
My beloved Cinder passed
away at 10:12 am on
September 2, 2012.  He took
his final breath laying in his
favorite spot in the yard.

This is the final picture taken
of him, the night before he left.

Cinder is deeply missed and
will be forever loved...
FOUND on 3/21/15!    
*Update...this keeshond has been
reunited with his owner.