Bruno is a very happy 8 year old boy who was left at a New
Hampshire shelter and is now living the good life in his new
home in Massachusetts.  He is blind but doesn't let that
stop him from enjoying his favorite things, eating, strolling
around the yard, going for walks and car rides, and
lounging on the sofa.  He is a lovable, sweet boy and very
much loved in his forever home!
Welcome Bruno!
Eddie has been adopted!
Handsome Eddie went to his new home on September 15.  
He was adopted by a wonderful family in Vermont and is
enjoying his new life!
Bruno (#2) has been adopted!  This very special boy was
adopted in December 2017 in Massachusetts where he is a
much loved new family member!

Penny was rescued from a shelter in June, 2016.  Despite
having diabetes, she is doing very well and is living a very  
happy life in Essex, MA.
Bruno and Penny!
Cute little Bear started the next chapter of his life in
new home in Vermont on March 23, 2018.
Congratulations to Bear and his new family!